NNN Trend TikTok Meaning – Bizarre Trend Explained

The latest trend to take over TikTok app is the NNN trend and users are wondering to know its meaning. If you are among the users who are looking for the meaning of this alien trend, we have got you covered. Below we have broken down all the details about what this trend refers to and the full form of the NNN trend.

TikTok users come up with new trends each passing day. Some trends simply follow dance routines or food recipes while others join the platforms having bizarre logic behind them.

We also have witnessed several dangerous challenges make their way toward the video-sharing app, and these trends have also endangered the lives of many. Following some trends what users do is they pour similar comments on the videos making the users wonder about their meaning.

The recent TikTok trend, ‘The NNN trend has also amazed several social media users. Users are writing NNN in their video captions and some are even busy typing NNN in the comment sections of other videos. Thousands of users are confused as the acronym ‘NNN’ doesn’t make any sense to them. Well, let us give you a hint about this trend. It is an old trend and is related to November. If you still aren’t able to get its means, below is all you need to know.

What Is The NNN Trend On TikTok?

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The NNN trend is not a new trend on the video-sharing app but it has resurfaced with a new name. Well, yes, the NNN trend on TikTok refers to the ‘No Nut November Trend’ that surfaces on TikTok every year.

If you are an avid user of TikTok you must know what the trend requires you to do. And for those who are just getting to know about this trend, it is a month-long challenge that asks men to spend the entire month of November without touching themselves. This trend is also known among TikTok’s men as “busting a nut.”

So, the TikTok trend NNN (No Nut November) is only for the boys of TikTok and the purpose is to restrict men from self-pleasure. This is not yet! The challenge also asks men to refrain from any sexual activity.

The trend has existed on the internet for quite a long now. It is believed that the trend initially emerged on Reddit in the year 2011. However, it came to the spotlight in 2017, when social media users started discussing it on the internet.

As per the information provided by Scottish Sun, the trend was started by the NoFap community on Reddit.

NNN Trend Meaning On TikTok

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To complete the challenge you have to follow a set of guidelines defined for the challenge. Before starting the challenge you must remember all the principles. If you are someone who is eyeing being part of this trend, below we have stated all the rules that you need to follow:

  • To complete the NNN trend, you don’t have to watch any adult content throughout the month.
  • You are not allowed to indulge in activities related to self-pleasure.
  • You don’t have to get involved in any sexual activity.

If you think you can follow these rules you can then be part of it and once you take part in the trend there is no going back. It is a challenge so you have to complete it anyway.

There also is good news for those who are born in November. Yes, men born in November are not required to follow this trend. None of the rules apply to the November-born men as being born in this month gives them the leniency to walk out of this trend. But if you still want to test your patience, you can be part of this trend.

Urban Dictionary has discussed another part of this trend. It suggests that there is a NNN pass which means No Nut Pass. As per the explanation provided by the Urban Dictionary, you can get this pass with the permission of a woman, it gives you freedom from the trend for a day. The pass can be taken once in the entire month.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning of the viral TikTok trend NNN. Was this information helpful? Let us know in the comment box provided below.

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