Nose Gap Trend TikTok – What Does It Mean?

The latest TikTok trend that talks about the nose gap is playing a major role in fueling the insecurities among users. The trend is facing a lot of backlash and users are demanding to cancel the trend on the video-sharing app.

Social media trends and challenges are source of entertainment for several users. However, relying excessively on the content shared on social media platforms has shattered the confidence of several users.

After using filters and effects, people these days are not happy to pose with their original faces. They want all their facial features to look perfect thus they don’t have the courage to face the camera without filters.

As social platforms are getting more popular than before, concerns related to anxiety, lack of confidence, and inferiority complex have increased to an alarming level. Everyone idealizes what they see on social media without actually knowing that nothing on social media is real.

Another dilemma is that people have set a standard for beauty, for them white complexion simply means beautiful and nothing else actually matters.

Adding fuel to these social media problems, another trend has emerged on TikTok where users talk about one’s nose gap. Though several TikTok users have slammed the stupid trend, there are a few users who actually got concerned about the appearance of their nose gap.

What Is The Nose Gap Trend On TikTok?

Image Of What Is The Nose Gap Trend On TikTok

On TikTok, users these days are obsessed with their nose gaps. If you don’t have an idea what this gap talks about, it is the area between your nose and top lip.

In scientific terms, it is called philtrum or medial cleft. It is the vertical indentation or groove in the middle area of the upper lip.

The term Philtrum has derived from a Latin word that actually means ‘love potion’ or ‘love charm’. TikTok users are not really happy with their ‘love potion’ or ‘love charm’.

The latest trend has made users insecure about their nose gaps. The trend explains that a small gap between your nose and mouth is beautiful while a bigger nose gap makes you look ugly.

After getting to know about this trend, several users have recorded videos capturing their nose gaps and the majority of them have large nose gaps. This has fueled the wave of insecurities on the video-sharing app and users are considering them ugly.

Having a small nose gap is rare. Most humans have a similar-sized nose gap and having a tiny philtrum is actually really rare.

What Does Nose Gap Mean On TikTok?

Image Of What Does Nose Gap Mean On TikTok

Nose gap is the current viral insecurity of TikTok which asks the users to check their nose gap. The smaller gap is termed as being beautiful while a larger gap is termed as a sign of being ugly.

Thousands of users have participated in the trend assessing their nose gap. This has aided the popularity of this viral trend.

Though the trend has gone viral on the app, users are not really happy about it. They have urged TikTok to remove the trend from the platform.

Some content creators have also come forward to create awareness about such trends. Urging users to be grateful for being humans, one content creator said in the video:

“To all the people saying ‘oh look at the gap between my nose and my mouth YOU’RE A HUMAN”. This video which was aimed at convincing people about the drawbacks of this viral trend has garnered more than 3.8 million views.

Another user wrote, “You are a Homosapien. Humans have eyes, nose, mouth. They can differ but like usually there is space between those features. You are a human, do you not want to be a human?”

While adding an image of a woman with no philtrum at all, another TikTok user wrote, “Is this really what ya’ll wanna look like?”

“Um everyone has a nose gap? Why is this an insecurity,” inquired another.

“Ya’ll seriously need to get off the internet and get a reality check. Nose gap? Really? Stop inventing stupid insecurities to make people feel bad. Everyone has a ‘nose gap’,” added another.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the Nose Gap Trend talks about on TikTok. It has just emerged as just another insecurity among social media users.

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