YouTube Keeps Signing Out How To Fix? Issue Explained

After Instagram, YouTube now keeps signing out the user and they are wondering to know how to fix the issue. After thousands of complaints were made on Twitter about this particular glitch, YouTube has finally responded to the complaints. Here is everything you need to know about what the ‘YouTube Keeps Signing Me Out’ glitch is and how you can fix it to enjoy videos on YouTube.

It is very rare for YouTube to display glitches but this time the app is randomly signing out the users from their accounts and it is not settling well with them. Users have taken to Twitter to talk about the error. The complaints initially started appearing on Twitter on the 2nd of November and the glitch still prevails for many as of writing.

Considering the huge number of complaints, YouTube has responded to the issue and has revealed that they are working to fix the glitch. The error is affecting both Android and iOS users.

Below we have broken down everything about why YouTube keeps signing out and how to fix this issue.

How To Fix YouTube Keeps Signing Me Out

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YouTube users have made a number of complaints on the bird app. Most of them have revealed that their app is randomly signing them out. The error occurs when the users try to refresh the page or they try to click on a video.

They have also added that, even after trying to sign in using a different Google account, the issue still prevails.

Considering many complaints that mentioned YouTube on Twitter, the YouTube support team has responded to the complaints by offering them a potential fix. The Tweet read, “can you also try signing out & back into your YouTube account? If the problem continues, you can send feedback to help us track this on the link we’ve shared earlier”

Even after trying the fix that YouTube has recommended, users still are getting affected by this error. As the number of complaints kept soaring, YouTube responded via a statement on Google Support as well.

The statement briefly explains the issue in below words:

“It looks like some of you are experiencing issues logging into YouTube and/or switching accounts. Some things you might be experiencing: 

  • Being asked to sign in even when you’re already logged in 
  • A blank page appearing or getting signed out when you try switching accounts
  • Errors when trying to switch accounts, including a missing ‘Switch account’ option

So far we’re seeing the issue mostly on Chrome (though it may not happen when using Incognito Mode on Chrome). We’ve passed this along to our team and we’re looking into it.”

The statement now also reveals that the issue is being fixed but there are users who still are encountering this issue.

YouTube Keeps Signing Me Out Why

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Unable to stream videos on YouTube, users are getting impatient and are trying to fix the issue on their own. However, the issue is a widespread one and most probably it is a glitch.

Users have taken to Twitter to reveal their frustration. One user wrote on Twitter, “trouble with youtube always signing us out, we have to sign back in and if I click on a video it logs me out again. Please fix that as it is Very annoying I cannot save any videos or like / dislike. Please its really Bad”

Another user revealed that the video platform logs him out of his account every two seconds when tried to click on a new video or try to refresh the app. The user further revealed that the issue is making them go insane.

Well, if you still are facing this issue, you can try out the below potential solutions to “YouTube Keeps Signing Out issue’.

1. Update your YouTube app. Having an old version of the platform might be a reason that hinders your surfing on the platform.

2. Clear your app cache regularly as redundant files may sometime result in such issues.

3. Make sure your device has enough space for the apps to function properly.

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The Last Words

This was all about how to fix the YouTube keeps signing out the issue. Was the information helpful? Let us know in the comment box below.

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