Why Is TikTok Shadowbanning Content? Explained

Thousand of TikTok users have taken it to Twitter after the video-sharing app has started shadowbanning their content. No one is able to understand why is the TikTok platform shadowbanning the content of several users at once.

Just a few years after its launch, TikTok emerged as the most popular entertainment app. It even took over several giant social media platforms and became immensely popular among the audience worldwide.

However, as the app has now risen to popularity, users come up to Twitter to report the glitches and errors they face on video-sharing.  Just yesterday TikTok users were complaining about being unable to upload their videos as the videos were taking too long to get uploaded and it popped up a message saying ‘the video is being processed. Another issue that users have reported this week is, their videos are showing zero views on their content.

And now, a huge number of TikTok users have started complaining that they are being shadowbanned on the app. Several users are looking to get the answer to why is the TikTok app shadowbanning the content. If you are among these annoyed users, here we have provided all the details about why is the video-sharing app shadowbanning content on the platform.

TikTok Users Complaining About Shadowbanned Content

Image Of TikTok Users Complaining About Shadowbanned Content

On 10th February, several TikTok users observed that they are unable to post content on their TikTok handle. They also have received a notification that informs that they are being shadowbanned on the app. Unable to figure out why their content is being shadowbanned, the TikTok annoyed TikTok users have taken it to Twitter.

Here are some of the Tweets made by such TikTok users on the Bird App.

One user wrote, “So I think I might be shadowbanned on TikTok. I looked at my analytics and none of my recent videos are going onto the foryou page. What should I do?”

Another user wrote, “I swear I think they shadow banned me from TikTok, I only got 9 views from a video I posted yesterday”.

“I think #TikTok had Shadowbanned me! I’m not even a big content creator”, complained another user.

“TikTok shadowbanned me again”, complained another.

Not just the normal TikTok users, stars having millions of followers are also observing their viewer’s stat to drop sharply. But what might be the possible reason? We have provided it in the next paragraph.

Why Are Many Users Being Shadowbanned On TikTok?

Image Of Why Are Many Users Being Shadowbanned On TikTok

It seems like TikTok is on a mission to remove the entire controversial content from the app. Since its commencement, we also have observed that the platform is evolving rapidly. It is making significant changes to its policies in order to make the app a safer place for everyone.

In order to keep your content safe from shadowbanning, make sure you are coping with all the guidelines outlined by the video-sharing app.

If you are a content creator, make sure you are obeying the following important guidelines.

  • Do not post videos that are violent in nature
  • Your video must not spread hatred.
  • Avoid posting videos that feature illegal activities or goods.
  • Content that showcases any sort of self-harm must be avoided.
  • Your videos must not contain nudity.
  • Videos that feature Harassment and bullying must also not be uploaded.
  • The content that damage the integrity and authenticity of the platform also isn’t allowed
  • Minor safety must also be kept in mind while posting content.

 Following the above guideline, you can save yourself from getting shadowbanned on the app.

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The Last Words

This was all about why possibly is TikTok shadowbanning your content on the app. If you have found any other reason behind the shadowbanning, let us know in the comment box below.

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