TikTok Internship — Here’s How To Become TikTok’s Intern

You might have used TikTok for several years now but do you know about TikTok Internship? Do you know that TikTok provides opportunities to be part of its Global Employer Branding team? No? well, most of people don’t recognize TikTok as an employer but in today’s article we will discuss about the career opportunities available at TikTok.

With growing number of users TikTok’s business operations are growing at a rapid speed. It has a considerable number of employees in almost every major country it operates. More than 6500 creative people from all around the world, are working with TikTok currently.

It is ranked 2nd among its top 10 competitors in terms of number of employees. You can join TikTok as Machine Learning Engineer, Content Moderator, Product Specialist, Operations, HR, account manager and under many other heads.

It also offers internships for many brilliant minds. In today’s article we will discuss about an Intern at TikTok, his experience so far, the recruitment process and future opportunities. Keep reading.

What Is TikTok Internship

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Like many other organizations, TikTok provides internships to many aspiring students from all around the world. Some of the readers might think about the work nature at TikTok. It mainly works on industry partnership events, campus recruitments, and managing social media content on professional platforms, such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor etc.

With a global team of tight-knit employees the interns will get plenty of opportunities to learn. With the diverse team, Interns will learn working with people hailing from different backgrounds, in terms of cultures, skills, and experiences.

According to Jonny Pine, an intern at TikTok and recent Marketing graduate from the University of Newcastle, he got opportunity to get involved in wide scope of activities in the very first week of his joining.

He further says that, TikTok doesn’t limit its Interns to any specific task. In-fact they also get chance to travel and explore various office locations to run events and activities while collaborating with different teams.

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How To Get TikTok Internship

Getting internships at TikTok is quite simple. The recruitment process is similar to many other organizations. Primarily, TikTok uses LinkedIn to recruit interns. Once you spot any opportunity, you will have to send your CV along with the cover letter. You will receive a call within few days if you are eligible for the said position.

If you fall in the category of eligible candidates, you will be called for an interview. Commonly, the interviews are conducted in-office but if you have any problem visiting the office, then you might be allowed to appear in the interview via Video.

According to Jonny Pine, he had three rounds of interviews in total, with different members of the team. He further said that the interview was more like a group discussion rather than a question and answer series.

Most of the conversation revolved around his past experience, strengths, and skills. Besides this, the candidates are given a situation and they are asked how would they react to it. Here, they have to tackle the given challenging situation according to their personal opinion and suggestions. It will take maximum of three to four weeks from job application to offer.

When asked about some tips for the job recruitment, Jonny said that eagerness is the key. You have to show your eagerness to learn. This is the only thing that will make a difference. If you are interested in creating your own success story, then follow the TikTok LinkedIn page and keep an eye on the updates.

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Final Words

This was all about the TikTok internships. Hope you have got some quality information that will direct you to the second largest social media Global Employer Branding team.

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