Valentines Day Filter — Here’s All About Love Filled Filters

As social media platforms roll new filters on every occasion, this time they’ve amazed the users with the Valentines Day Filter. Want to know what is it and how to access it? If yes, then you have opened the most relevant website. Keep reading and learn about the new Valentines Day Filters from various social media platforms.

Social media platforms were initially used to socialize but with the passage of time they are coming up with innovative features. Currently, they are in a race of filters, every platform has allowed thousands of Filter creators to create and publish new filters.

In the very start, Snapchat was the only application that allowed users to try some new faces. This feature was quite attractive that it attracted millions of users towards Snapchat. After seeing the popularity of these filters, many other social platforms came forward with thousands of filter options.

It has now become a ritual to roll new filters on social media applications. Valentine day being the most attractive festive, many social media platforms have provided their users with some love filled filters. Today in this article we will talk about some famous Valentines Day Filters from Instagram and Snapchat.

What Is A Valentines Day Filter

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Valentines Day Filter is an effect that enables the users to change their look by adding some additional things like, teddy bears, candies and hearts. There are variety of filters, that can give you valentine’s day look. Some of these are specially designed for valentines day and user are loving these effects.

Here are some filters that can give you Valentine’s day look.

  • Bear in love
  • Love day
  • Pure love
  • I love You
  • Love You Baby
  • Love mood
  • Hearts
  • Love Frame
  • Go Lovey Dovey
  • All hearts
  • Blow Kisses
  • Say I love You
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Go Mushy
  • Red Hearts
  • Stay Single Mantra

Most of these filters are created by Augmented Reality filter creators and these can be accessed from Snapchat. On Instagram also you can access some of these filters but to get your hands on it you have to follow the AR creators. There are many other benefits of following these filter creators.

How To Use Valentines Day Filter

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Accessing these filters is quite simple. All you need to have is a Snapchat account or an Instagram account. But make sure that your account is updated to its latest version. If you don’t have an updated account, then you might not be able to access the newly added filters and features.

After updating your account, open you Snapchat application and tap on the smiley face next to your camera button. You will get exposed to plenty of filters, but if you are unable to get the valentines day filter, then here is how to get your hands on all of these filters.

Open the Snapchat camera and then head towards the smiley face right next to your camera button. In the bottom right corner, you will get the magnifying glass icon. Tap on it and a search bar will open in front you. Write the name of filter you want to access and hit enter. You can write name of any filter provided above. Once the search result is complete, tap on the filter that pops up at the top.

Open it and add it to your favorite filters list so that you can access these instantly. This is how you can access all the above provided valentines day filters with few single taps.

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Concluding Words

This was all about the Valentines Day Filter available on Snapchat. Hope you can access some love filled filters to look awesome this valentine.

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