Why Are Instagram Stories Moving Fast? Glitch Explained

Instagram users have taken to Twitter to inquire why are their stories moving fast as the Instagram story feature is showing some glitches. If you are among these users looking for a fix to Instagram stories moving fast glitch, we have got you covered. Below we have broken down everything about the glitch. Keep reading to get all the details.

Instagram users seem frustrated as the app keeps hindering their user experiences by displaying errors. This is not the first time the Meta-owned photo and reels sharing app is making headlines on the internet. Seems like, it is getting harder for Meta to cope with all the social media applications.

Just yesterday, the most popular Meta-owned social messaging app TikTok stopped working for the users. The outage remained there for more than an hour and it later was fixed.

After the users got to use WhatsApp peacefully, now they are reporting that their Instagram stories are moving fast and they keep skipping, why is it so? Is there any fix to this glitch? We have gathered all the available information here in this article. Keep reading!

Are Instagram Stories Down Right Now?

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Instagram users are reporting an error following which the Instagram story feature is misbehaving. The users have claimed that some of the stories from their friends are moving forward and are skipping despite they are trying to hold them.

They also have reported that they don’t even get enough time to check on the stories or read the text written on them.

Instagram users are getting annoyed about how their favorite platform has become the hub of glitches. From glitches affecting their chat box to ones that are restricting the feed from getting refreshed, users have reported several errors in the last few months.

Some of the users also have not liked how the app is bombarding their feed with posts from people they don’t follow at all. Overall, the performance of Instagram has remained satisfactory throughout this year.

Unable to engage with the stories well, users have taken to Twitter to talk about the issue. Here is how users have reported the issue on Twitter:

One user wrote, “hi @instagram could you please look into the glitch? Instagram stories are running in less than 3 sec as normal they use to run.”

While mentioning the Instagram Support team, another user wrote, “What’s up with @instagram today? Stories are skipping in less than a second but video stories are working fine”.

Another user added, “Instagram stories have a skipping glitch, photos skip in split seconds while videos play, anyone experience this”.

“Why are my Instagram Stories skipping insanely fast without me even touching the screen? Anyone else having this issue,” inquired another user.

Why Are Instagram Stories Skipping?

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Thousands of users are affected by this glitch and several of them have reported the issue to the Instagram support team already. However, Instagram has not responded to the issue yet.

Following Instagram’s silence over this issue, we are assuming that this is a bug that is creating trouble for the users.

For now, there is no confirmed information about why are Instagram stories moving fast and there also is no official fix to the glitch.

However, below we have provided some potential fixes that might help you get rid of this issue:

1. Restart your router

The issue may be prevailing because of poor internet connectivity. There is a possibility that your stories aren’t loading properly due to the poor internet connectivity so they are moving fast. So, restart your router and check if the issue gets fixed.

2. Update your Instagram App

Another possible fix to get rid of this issue is to update your Instagram app to its latest version. An updated app is less likely to encounter glitches.

3. Clear the redundant files stored in your app Cache

Another option to get rid of this error is to clear the app cache. As the cache piles up on your app, the apps usually start misbehaving. So, clearing them up can also help you face lesser errors and glitches.

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The Last Words

This was all about why are Instagram stories moving fast and all the possible fixes to get rid of it. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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