Why Is WhatsApp Saying Connecting? Outage Explained

Several users have taken to Twitter to inquire why WhatsApp is saying connecting and is not connecting well. If you are among these users who are receiving a pop-up saying ‘Connecting’ at the top of your screens, you are not alone in it. Here is what made WhatsApp servers go down and why is the social messaging app saying ‘Connecting’.

WhatsApp users are annoyed about how they are facing trouble using the social messaging app today on 25th October 2022. The platform initially stopped working as the servers were down and now users are receiving pop-up notifications saying ‘Connecting’.

It is common for all other social media platforms to show glitches as they handle the data of millions of users. Though, apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat keep showing glitches it is not really common for the social messaging app WhatsApp. The app rarely shows glitches and errors but its servers have gone down a couple of times in the past.

Just today on Tuesday 25th October 2022, TikTok users took to Twitter to report the issues they are facing with WhatsApp. They revealed that they are unable to send and receive messages however they were able to access the chats.

After remaining down for more than an hour, the messaging app started working but it keeps saying ‘Connecting’. Here is what it means and why WhatsApp is saying Connecting.

Why Is TikTok Not Connecting And Keeps Saying Connecting?

Image Of Why Is TikTok Not Connecting And Keeps Saying Connecting

Users across the globe are facing issues while connecting to their loved ones on WhatsApp. The social messaging app initially stopped working later when it was revived it kept saying ‘Connecting’ whenever someone tried to send a message.

Some users have complained that they are greeted with the message, ‘Make sure your computer has an active internet connection’ and they try to make a call using the app.

Users started reporting the issue on the internet just before 8 am BST on 25th October 2022. The Down Detector has also shown thousands of complaints made by users. As per this outage calculating website, over 60,000 reports are already being submitted to the site.

WhatsApp users have also reported the issue on Twitter. Some have asked the developers’ team to explain the issue.

While complaining about the issue one frustrated user wrote, “Is it just me or WhatsApp is actually down? It’s been showing connecting for over an hour now.”

Another wrote, “Why is my WhatsApp just saying ‘connecting’ it’s not letting me send any messages?”

Several other users thought it was their internet that is making trouble. Normally, in such a situation, Twitter is the platform where users rush to find out the issue.

One WhatsApp user Tweeted, “When your WhatsApp is playing up but you come to Twitter and see that everyone else is having the same problem.”

“Can anyone tell, what’s happened to WhatsApp? Not connecting”, added another user on Twitter.

WhatsApp Is Not Connecting For Users

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After several complaints made by users on Twitter, a spokesperson for Meta has responded to the issue saying they are aware of the issue and it will soon get fixed.

Responding to the issues a Spokesperson for Meta said, “We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble sending messages, and we’re working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as quickly as possible”.

Though the app is now working well for the majority of users, some are still getting into trouble.

Nonetheless, this is not the first time the Meta-owned social messaging app has faced an outage. Last year in October, all the major social media platforms of Meta including Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp faced a major outage, suffering billions of users across the globe.

Despite such outages, the popularity of WhatsApp is still growing. It is used by billions of users and most of them rely on it for being a user-friendly and convenient app. As of now, the platform has over 2 billion users across the globe. It is among the leading social messaging apps to garner an enormous count of users.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about why is WhatsApp saying connecting to its users and if there is any way it can be fixed. Was the information helpful? Let us know in the comment box below.

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