Anime Torrent — Best Anime Torrent Sites of 2021 For You

If you are looking for some Anime Torrent sites then luckily you have reached the most related spot. Keep reading and get to know all information about top Anime Torrent sites that you can use easily.

Finding some Anime Torrent sites in today’s world has become quite easy because being widely searched all around the world, anime is now widespread globally. Considering this increasing popularity niche P2P anime websites appeared that enables you to watch TV programs and movies as soon as they are released.

Though it is the best way to watch anime for free but illegal anime downloads from torrent sites is totally forbidden. Readers should also remember that downloading of copyright-protected content is illegal. This article is solely dedicated to provide information only. We are not responsible for any illegal download using the torrent sites we are going to discuss below.

Anime Torrent Sites

Image Of Anime Torrent Sites

Here is the list of top Anime sites of 2021,

  • Nyaa
  • SubsPlease
  • Anime Tohso
  • AniDex
  • ThePirateBay
  • Bakabt
  • Tokyo Toshokan

Let’s discuss each of these torrent sites in detail,


Though there are plenty of anime torrents that claim to be best but to my opinion none of them works like Naya. It is the most popular torrent site for downloading anime.

The best thing about this anime torrent is that it doesn’t contain any ads, which is not the case with any other torrent site. Further, it is the easiest website to download anime. Also, it is the most updated one because the latest anime get uploaded on it very rapidly.


Another famous anime torrent is SubsPlease which resembles one of the best anime torrent sites “HorribleSubs” that is discontinued recently. The website design of SubsPlease will remind you of HorribleSubs.

Unlike other anime torrent sites SubsPlease shows anime from legal streaming websites. The best part about this site is that it features an anime schedule, which is hard to find on the remaining websites. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain any ads like most of the torrent sites.

Best Anime Torrent Sites

Image Of Best Anime Torrent Sites

Anime Tohso

The next popular site for anime downloading is Anime Tohso. The site contains plenty of anime, in English and Japanese dubs. Most admirable part about this site is that, like Nyaa it doesn’t redirect you to random websites and doesn’t show you ads.

User interface of Anime Tohso is quite different than Nyaa. If you aren’t getting any anime file on Nyaa, then Anime Tohso is best place to get the file from various sources. Only negative point about Anime Tohso is its old user interface. Besides this, Anime Tohso will never disappoint you in getting your hands on latest anime.


AniDex is another popular anime torrent website that lets you find english dubbed anime torrents. You can also have your hands on manga torrents, applications, anime games and much more. You won’t encounter ads and the latest anime torrents are also available here. Users can find different categories of torrents including anime torrents, music torrents, light novel torrent and so on.

Anime Streaming Sites


ThePirateBay is among the most visited torrent websites but it’s not the most dedicated one.

It holds millions of torrents so if you are not getting any anime on other sites, then you should definitely check ThePirateBay. Besides being popular, the ThePirateBay is banned in various countries. It may also contain malware.


Bakabt can also be considered for downloading anime but it is a private group. To be able to download anime you have be a registered user of Bakabt. Also note that it isn’t an easy sign up, you will have to participate in an interview conducted by site staff.

Tokyo Toshokan

Last but not the least, comes Tokyo Toshokan. You can find tons of Japanese content which you may not find somewhere else. Though it also contains anime torrents but it is mainly famous for all sorts of Japanese content.

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Bottom Line

The above mentioned anime torrents may not work in certain countries, so it is best to use VPN to reach all these sites.

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