YouTubers Vs TikTokers — All About The $5 Million Fight

It’s not just the social media where YouTubers Vs TikTokers encounter, but they are also ready to hit the boxing ring now. The most awaited boxing match between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall is going to be held soon. Here is everything you need to know about the match. Keep scrolling!

Seeing the social media influencers on social platforms only is not enough now, you will witness some of them in the boxing ring as well. The trend has begun after some high profile matches fought by the Paul brothers.

These weren’t the ordinary fights, but having prize money in seven figures. Social media stars spotted in the boxing rings lately include, Logan Paul who has already fought KSI (twice). His next match is scheduled to go against Floyd Mayweather (a professional boxer). Logan Paul’s brother Jake Paul is also planning to have a fight with Ben Askren.

Following these social media stars, Austin McBroom from ACE Family has been challenging the TikTok star Bryce Hall since last few months and Bryce Hall has finally accepted his challenge.

Austin Mcbroom And Bryce Hall

Image Of Austin Mcbroom And Bryce Hall

Austin Mcbroom has been challenging Bryce Hall since so long but Bryce declined his challenge and demanded for a bigger fee. Mcbroom initially challenged Bryce in December last year, but Bryce didn’t seem interested considering the fee. He asked Austin to increase the fee so that his challenge would be considered.

While talking to paparazzi in February, Bryce said that, he will only fight if he gets $7.5million pay out and a $1.5 million knockout bonus. On 11th March, Bryce shared some screenshots of Austin’s messages on twitter. “The caption says, all this because I won’t accept his little fight and now he’s crying because he can’t pay his cleaning lady @AustinMcbroom”

Austin Mcbroom Boxing

Image Austin Mcbroom Boxing

Austin replied on the tweet saying “But you keep running…you’re all Twitter fingers, you wanna fight randoms out in public but too scared to fight me for millions.” Bryce added, “You know my terms… this isn’t 2016 anymore bud, I’m not fighting for the same amount as you,” Austin further added, “Perfect!!! I’ll take less and give you an extra million dollars if you win…fair enough lil boy???”

After all this Twitter drama, it seems like Bryce has finally accepted the challenge. On 15th March, Bryce added an Instagram story that featured a contract from Austin for their upcoming fight. The contract reads, “McBroom (Opponent)” and a $5 million figure. Bryce added the caption ““Now we’re talking… @austinmcbroom you FINALLY got my attention.”

Who Is Austin Mcbroom Fighting

So after the twitter drama and Instagram stories of Bryce we have concluded that the fight is actually going to be held for $5 million fee. The fight news was further confirmed when Bryce uploaded and Instagram story filming himself in the gym. The story’s caption read, “day one of training”. It finally makes sense that we are going to witness these social media stars in the boxing ring very soon.

The famous YouTuber Keemstar has also confirmed the news. He confirmed the news in one of his twitter posts saying ““Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall! Just got off the phone with @BryceHall & @AustinMcbroom 100% confirmed the fight is happening,” He further added that, he is going to reveal more details in his next video. The event dates are yet to be confirmed but social media users are all set to witness the stars in the boxing ring.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the upcoming YouTubers Vs TikTokers boxing match. Follow us to get more updates about the big event.

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