Orbeez Challenge TikTok — Explained

Another day another bizarre trend! TikTok users have again landed into danger following a viral challenge titled, ‘Orbeez Challenge TikTok’. The challenge is so bizarre that even cops have come forward to save people from it. Here we have rounded up all the essential details about this viral TikTok trend.

It is no surprise to witness dangerous challenges on the video-sharing app. Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has landed in hot waters following several dangerous challenges and trends. The application has even faced banning and unbanning in several countries.

Such challenges have even hurt several users severely and some people have even lost their lives. Adding to the list of such challenges, another bizarre trend has made its way towards TikTok and users are participating in it without even giving it a single thought.

Here we have boasted all information about what the challenge is all about and how it is creating trouble for the people.

What Is The Orbeez Challenge On TikTok?

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Orbeez Challenge has long existed on the snippet-sharing app and it is not a new challenge at all. Earlier, the challenge saw the users playing with bouncy balls but it has resurfaced on the internet alongside some additions into it.

As the trend is getting traction, the police have revealed multiple instances of injuries and have warned the users about the trend.

The challenge has got its name following a type of ball used to complete the challenge. For people who do not know what Obreez balls are, these are super-absorbent polymer beads whose size expands when they are placed in water.

Obreez further are soft and bouncy balls and are advertised as a children’s product. These balls are manufactured by Spin Master.

After the challenge has resurfaced on TikTok, it asks the users to shoot these balls at random people they encounter. The challenge further asks the users to film the reaction of strangers upon being hit by the Obreez.

Is Obreez Challenge A Dangerous One?

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Yes, the TikTok challenge ‘Obreez’ is quite dangerous as multiple injuries are being reported following the trend.

Although the Obreez challenge that went viral previously was fun, it has taken a dangerous meaning this time. Several videos are being uploaded on TikTok with the hashtag ‘Obreez’. These videos feature content creators shooting Orbeez at random strangers while making fun of the trend.

Though, the balls seem soft they can cause serious injuries. This is why police have requested the TikTok users to report the trend as soon as possible.

In different parts of the US, police have been issuing warnings against this dangerous TikTok trend. The Peachtree City Police Department also has rolled some images that feature a young boy having bruises following the trend.

The post shared by the police read:

“This has gotten out of hand. We continue to see teenagers utilizing the cart path while discharging splat ball guns (Orbeez) at other people on the cart path, even at innocent bystanders. Now they are modifying the beads to be more painful”.

They further add that “criminal charges” will be pursued on anybody seen discharging the “weapons.”

The Atlantic Beach Police Department reported on March 16 this year that they found “juveniles shooting at people with BB guns”.

“Shooting these projectiles at unsuspecting people is a crime. Individuals involved in these incidents are subject to criminal charges. Please speak with your kids about the dangers of conduct like this,”

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the latest Orbeez Challenge on TikTok is all about and how the challenge is getting out of hand. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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