What Is ‘How Long Does A Tall Person Live’? TikTok Joke Explored

The latest joke ‘How Long Does A Tall Person Live’ is what people on TikTok are drooling over right now. But what’s the back story of this trend? We have explained all the details here in this blog. Keep reading!

Following the recent joke that asked the users to Google the phrase, ‘How Long Does An Emo Live’, people on TikTok are now getting behind a similar joke. This time, the users are asking their friends to find out ‘How Long Does A Tall Person Live’. This trend has left the users in splits.

This is not the only joke going viral on the video-sharing app. Another similar joke asking ‘how long do short people live?, has also been making rounds on TikTok lately. So, let’s figure out what this hilarious trend is all about.

What Is The Meaning Of ‘How Long Does A Tall Person Live’ On TikTok?

The tradition of jokes asking the users to Google certain phrases has long existed on TikTok. This time TikTok content creators are asking their friends to Google this viral TikTok phrase. Upon searching the phrase on Google, you will get to see hilarious answers.

However, not all users are getting a single answer. The content creators on TikTok have reported several answers to this question. The majority of people have found the life expectancy of tall people between 12 and 15 years.

Well, that is not true at all because if it was true, all the tall teenagers would have passed away. Social media users have found the answers hilarious thus the trend is getting traction on the internet.

People are searching for ‘How Long Does A Tall Person Live’ on Google whilst recording the answer. Later they are sharing the video with their tall friends.

‘How Long Does A Tall Person Live’ TikTok Joke

Following the ‘How Long Does A Tall Person Live’ joke, a new trend has gone viral on the video-sharing app. Alongside the trend, the background track Never Forget You by Zara Larsson and MNEK is also getting popular on TikTok.

As the question ‘How Long Does A Tall Person Live’ is being asked from a naive user, it turns out to be a joke for him.

Although tracing the life expectancy of a tall person can be legit research, but the answers found on Google are making no sense. In fact, the answers are leaving the users in splits.

Upon looking for the questions like ‘How Long Does A Tall Person Live’, ‘How Long Does An Emo Live’ and ‘How Long Does A Small Person Live’, Google greets the users with answers like 12 to 15 years for Emos and between 12 and 15 years for tall people. Having no sense, the answers have turned into hilarious jokes.

Thousands of users have hopped into this viral trend and they are using the questions to have fun with their friends.

What is the best part of this trend is, it is dedicated to all tall and short people. If you have short friends, ask them this question, if they are tall ones you can still ask them this question to have fun.

Although these questions and their answers are something we have never thought about, they are spreading giggles across the internet.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the ‘How Long Does A Tall Person Live’ trend on TikTok is and how you can be part of it. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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